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Description Coming Soon!

Tree House

This house, discretely located on a tall dune in the maritime forest of a barrier island provides a peaceful escape from the city for the owners and their extended family. Originally constructed in the mid-1970?s, this home was renovated, and additional outdoor decks were added, providing the occupants with multiple places to sit and enjoy the unique characteristics of living under, inside of, and above the existing grove of large live oak trees. 

Howdy Neighbor 

The retired owners who enjoy hobby gardening decided to build a new house in a quiet wooded neighborhood with a grand vista of a tidal creek.  The house design takes a queue from regional farm structures in the coastal region.  The primary living area with vista views is placed at a level halfway between the garage and sleeping floor, thus keeping the habitable space out of the flood plain and making floor-to-floor access a little easier.

Always Been There

The house is inspired by the traditional family beach cottage that the owner spent summers at as a child, and is designed for the next generation of the family to create lifelong memories of their own.  Traditional North Carolina coastal vernacular elements are configured to create cozy timeless rooms and outdoor porches while celebrating vast views toward the Atlantic Ocean.  A connected guest cottage provides separation for the primary family and their guests.

View to Portugal 

This escape from the city for a retired couple is sited on a barrier island populated with large vacation homes. Shaped by its oceanfront location and the owner's desire for sloped ceilings with exposed rafters, the basic form of the house and its structure speak about building at the edge of the land and sea. 


Coming from New England the owner's wanted their new house to reflect the traditions of classic Shingle Style architecture.  The house takes advantage of views across a golf course lake and gives each member of the family a special room catered to their independent needs and interests.  The serpentine brick wall softly ties the architecture to a rich landscape.


Built for a retired couple on a promontory overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and an inlet to the Atlantic Ocean, this house maximizes the vista from every room.  The large house is sectioned into cozy separate sections for the owner's, their guests and also multiple grandchildren.  The floor plan bends and changes shape as it stretches across the property creating outdoor rooms for specialty gardens as well as the feature garden folly with the Dovecot hat.