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Toby Keeton
Project Architect

Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture - 2006
Kent State University College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Bachelor of Architecture - 2007
Winner, Architecture for Humanity International Design Challenge - 2008

Toby hails from the steel towns near Pittsburgh, PA.  His first experience in architecture came after high school, when he won a spot in the summer residency program at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famed Fallingwater.  From there, he earned his degree at Kent State University, and worked for a short time near Cleveland, OH, managing restaurant projects.  He joined Kersting Architecture in 2008, and has been involved in the design and construction of several of our award-winning projects.

Toby’s passion lies in negotiating the dual nature of architecture; both as a problem-solving science and a means of artistic expression.  He has won several competitions, including Architecture for Humanity’s 2008 international design competition and Dwell Magazine’s 2009 Innovate It! industrial design challenge.  His speculative work has been published in books such as Matt Bua’s Architectural Inventions (2012) and The University of Alberta Press Strip Appeal (2013).  He has created both works of public art that can be seen throughout the state of North Carolina, as well as pieces held in private collections.  Since 2010, he has volunteered as a design team leader with the non-profit The Full Belly Project, where he has helped develop low cost agricultural and sanitation technologies that have been deployed to Southeast Asia, Africa, and Appalachia.

Toby and his wife, Audrey, spend their time at home tending to their daughter, Caroline, their brood of adopted dogs and cats, and their beloved vegetable garden.