This guest house sits on a peninsula reaching into Futch Creek.  Spectacular views offer western sunsets across the creek, sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and a swimming pool just steps outside.  Column less porches formed by cantilevered bedrooms offer cool shaded areas and a rooftop terrace is perfect for sun worshipers.  The material palette of painted brick, exposed structural steel, stained mahogany and white painted trim coordinate with the main house.


On April 17, 1877 a lumber schooner, the John S. Lee, was lost at sea. 138 years later, a family set out to build a beach home on Figure Eight Island. The remains of the old schooner were discovered just below the sand. The new beach home is build like a well-designed ship, paying homage to the John S. Lee; crafted from wood, able to weather a heavy storm while affording access to sun, view, and sea breezes from every vantage. The home, Run Ashore, sits lightly on the dunes, organized to give deference to outdoor spaces and unobstructed views.


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