architect house

Designed for an Architect, a Landscape Architect, and their children, this house is located in a heavily wooded neighborhood with direct access to a tidal creek where the family can enjoy outdoor activities. The home is designed to be physically altered over time in order to adapt to the changing needs of a modern family and the shifting design preferences of the architect resident. 


description coming soon!

half & half house

An active family's small coastal home needed more space. The back half of the "traditional" cottage was removed and replaced with a new "non-traditional" addition. A light filled vertical shaft containing open riser stairs and an elevator stitches the old to the new. Vertical lattice used to conceal space under the house evolves into a rain screen embracing the new addition.

oyster in the rough

This residence, for a couple who relocated to be closer to their boat, occupies a small, golf course lot in a large neighborhood on the Intracoastal Waterway. Commissioned by the clients to have the feel of a Tuscan villa, the project uses simple forms and thoughtful material choices to ground it in its locale and to evoke a sense of time.