The Transformer

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Half and Half House

An active family's small coastal home needed more space. The back half of the "traditional" cottage was removed and replaced with a new "non-traditional" addition. A light filled vertical shaft containing open riser stairs and an elevator stitches the old to the new. Vertical lattice used to conceal space under the house evolves into a rain screen embracing the new addition.

Architect House

Designed for an Architect, a Landscape Architect, and their children, this house is located in a heavily wooded neighborhood with direct access to a tidal creek where the family can enjoy outdoor activities. The home is designed to be physically altered over time in order to adapt to the changing needs of a modern family and the shifting design preferences of the architect resident. 

The Lantern

Located in a small dense neighborhood adjacent to the Intracoastal Waterway, this residence provides the owners with spectacular views and easy access to their boat docked in the community marina. In response to the owners' desire for a "modern interpretation" of a coastal Carolina beach house, the house relies on honesty of construction, and economy of form for its expression. 

Oyster in the Rough

This residence, for a couple who relocated to be closer to their boat, occupies a small, golf course lot in a large neighborhood on the Intracoastal Waterway. Commissioned by the clients to have the feel of a Tuscan villa, the project uses simple forms and thoughtful material choices to ground it in its locale and to evoke a sense of time. 

Lifeguard Stand

This residence at the water’s edge offers a family of three boating from their backyard and views across the channel and over to the beach to check the surf. Desiring a home where they could enjoy the benefits of beach life and provide a comfortable place to raise their young son, this couple, also, wanted a house that would be rooted in the vernacular of this coastal village but venture a little bit outside the norm. 

Tree Hugger

The two-story "L-shaped" house, fronting the neighborhood street, and its detached garage apartment, fronting an alley, are arranged on the linear site to define and afford privacy to outdoor living spaces gathered beneath a large oak tree.  Seeking inspiration from its predecessors while acknowledging the present, this coastal residence revives and updates the local vernacular without resorting to pastiche. 

On the Creek

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The Stealth House

Nicknamed the "Stealth House" for its ability to disappear amongst the beachfront dunes in which it is nestled, this renovation resulted in the complete overhaul of the existing structure. Through material & color choices, as well as intricate detailing, this house juxtaposes harmony with its tranquil surroundings with warm & intimately articulated interior & exterior spaces.

The Lookout

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Nice & Tidy

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Mother Boat House

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Kasa para los Padres

A piano teacher and a college professor requested a house in southern New Mexico which would offer views of the tall desert mountains to the east and the bright city lights to the west. The owners preferred an open plan with a private piano studio for her and a secluded home office with a view for him. A tall clerestory, window-lit gallery, is used as the primary display space for a collection of paintings and artifacts and serves to divide the public living spaces from the private sleeping and utility areas.